We are all flawed mortals.


It was the most perfect day in recent memory when I realised exactly how much I hated myself.

And — more importantly— I realised I would end up old, alone, and even more miserable, if I didn’t get serious about saving my marriage.

I spent my teens and twenties jumping from one unfulfilling relationship to the next.

Some partners so unremarkable their names and faces faded from memory.

Others, so violent I repeatedly found myself lying crumpled on the floor, or crying to police officers.

Why — WHY!! — did I keep ending up in boring or fucked up relationships with boring or fucked up people?

Surely, it was some cosmic joke designed to entertain higher powers.

Perhaps it was my karma, and I was paying penance for cheating on all my partners in a past life.

Or — what I later realised to be true — my soul merely needed to learn some important lessons about being mortal.

We are all spirits having a human experience.

And, as it turns out, this whole human thing is pretty amazing.

We roam the Earth experiencing this world subjectively.

We engage and we avoid. We amplify and we condense. We learn and we forget. We love and we hate.

We are bound by this mortal coil yet boundless in our hope.

We experience the world through the eyes of a child and through the heart of a cynic.

We are enlightened and we are intransigent.

We are perfectly imperfect and deeply flawed. We are divine and we are mortal.

Yet — it is the perpetual dichotomy of this human experience that makes life worth living; that gives us things worth sharing, and our souls lessons worth learning.

Our time here in this mortal realm is fleeting. It is far too short to stay stuck and miserable. It is up to us to take action; to learn as many lessons as we can in this lifetime. It is up to us to flourish.

Growth and transformation happen when we redirect our energies to the right things:

Nourishing our mind, body, soul, and relationships so we can become prosperous in what matters most.

Here at One Flawed Mortal, we will cover all manner of topics related to nourishment and prosperity and do so with an eye to the fact we are *all* flawed mortals doing the best we can one day at a time.

From one flawed mortal to another...

Be you, be kind, be human.